Everybody wants the perfect lawn. It’s our job to make you perfectly happy with yours. We never use toxic, synthetic pesticides. Organic and ecological lawn care creates the conditions for greater health - grass that stays greener, longer, and is resistant to disease. Why we have lawns, and how to maintain them, are questions worth considering. We have a program that can be scaled up or down, depending on what kind of “perfect” you’re looking for.


Use the leaves

We very rarely use leaf blowers on the grass. Rather, we mulch the leaves into the grass with the mower, as we mow, for fertilization. Or, we catch the chopped up leaves and the grass clippings in a bag for use in a compost pile or in garden beds. This is a powerful way to recycle and reuse valuable organic material.

It’s electric

Wherever possible, we are using electrical equipment. This makes a huge difference in leaf blowers - which we primarily use just for cleaning up all the hard surfaces after mowing. The usage of gas powered leaf blowers has become excessive and thoughtless. We find that we save time and money by using the mower to chop up the leaves, and suck them up like a vacuum. The electric blowers are also a lot easier on the ears.



GPS Location tracking

Each truck in our fleet has a GPS tracker and worksheets for team members to record pertinent details of each trip to your property. We use the tracker to set an appropriate cost for your mow based on the average time spent on your property.