Vegetable Gardens and Edible Landscapes

People everywhere are enjoying the renaissance in growing food. The potential to be harvesting a significant amount of food from your own backyard (or front yard for that matter), is great! There is a real, tangible return on investment by building a garden and planting an edible landscape - not only is is beautiful, but you can eat it too! We can help beginners or seasoned gardeners take the next step in increasing production through addressing infrastructure and design, and offering services to build fertility.


Design and Build

We build custom gardens because every property has its own set of environmental conditions. Let’s talk about the variables so you can have the greatest foundation for success in growing vegetables.

Edible Landscapes

We plant food-producing plants in our landscape plans. Even if the area that is to be landscaped focuses on native plants, there are usually some tasty edibles to be found in the mix - like blueberry, elderberry or serviceberry (all great pollinator plants)! In almost every healthy habitat, there is food to be found. If you’re going to make a change to your landscape, consider planting edibles.

Fertility building Programs, maintenance, and pest management

Working with nature to build fertility is a service we love to provide. Our goal is to make sure your plants, and the biology in the soil, have everything they need to thrive. This comes down to following organic and ecological practices in maintaining your garden’s ecosystem, and introducing amendments and biology appropriately. We always have a supply of earthworms and compost tea.